Tuesdays at Ocean Arts provides far greater learning and skill developing opportunities and will enable people to build on their craft and music skills we have helped them develop in recent years.

Tuesday will be an all day creative experience that will take people on a journey of discovery and ElementsWellness - Copyhelp them explore a variety of life enancing topics.  We have renamed the activity, calling it EXPLORERS, because we want to enrich everyone’s life and experiences so that they find and find new and interesting perspectives on life.

The empasis will focus on the individual who will be given the opportunity to EXPLORE:

Their life and background

Their family history

Where they (have) live(d)

The community that is theirs

change4life_south-tyneside-quality-standardHow a Community functions: gp’s – hospitals – local council – police – etc

Personal Health matters

Fitness and Welless


Culture: the Arts – Museums – Libraries – Theatres –

Music : Genres – History – Appreciation – Personal likes / dislikes

Horticulture : growing their own plants for food and pleasure

The Environentdscf0871

Festivals local & national

Faith Communities

Beauty & Hygienestopdisabilityhatecrime1_large

Personal safety : Hate Crimes and bullying.

This activity will be a unique experience for each individual and will include opportnities for personal developent that will be translated into personal craft actvities. People will also create their own personal file in wich will be kept evidence of their explorations.

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