cookery-school-awards-680x300People who attend our Monday cookery activity are involved in developing a basic yet widely comprehensive approach to developing their culinary skills.

The activity has been totally redesigned to give a broader understanding about food preparation and cooking. Our staff will present each sessiindexon within a learning environment where people can not only discover a range of cooking skills but also get creative too. The purpose of this activity is to help encourage greater independence. Also included is training in household and money skills.

The some of the topics we will cover in this activity will include:

Healthy Options

Your 5 a day

Safety and Hygiene in the kitchen

Seasonal Foods

World Foods

Eating Out, what the Food Hygiene Ratings mean

Table Etiquette,

Identifying and Understanding Equipment and Utensils

Cooking and Sampling Foods

Salt and Sugar……why it’s in the news

Identifying Fruit and Vegetables

Flour : a world staple food

Rice: feeding the world’s populationfood-hygiene-rating

How to follow and create basic recipes

Practical demonstrations from chefs and health professionals.

Each topic will be explored over a period of several weeks and each person will build a personal file week by week so that everyone has a record of their work and experiences.

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