Person Centred Care

When someone has dementia it’s easy to just see the illness and forget about the person they used to be. The person centred approach to dementia was developed to stop this happening and to ensure that it is the person living with dementia who remains the focus, not the illness. That’s why everyone at Ocean Choices is always treated with respect, and as unique individuals. The premise, ‘nothing about me, without me,’ is at the heart of our person centred approach.

Personal Centred Care and Dementia

Person-centred care for someone with dementia is just as important as it is for all our service users. As dementia progresses and the person becomes more vulnerable it may become harder to elicit their needs and wishes. But with the right skills and patience we can help a person.
We start by improving the way we communicate with someone living with dementia and pay more attention to their facial expressions and body language. Offer them choices (not too many) and take time to gauge the response. Look at my face when you offer me tea or juice and see if you can tell which one I would prefer!
We take time to find out about the person’s past and offer them meaningful activities that are not too complex. If somebody used to be a keen gardener, maybe they would like to go outside for a walk in the garden, plant some seeds or water the pot plants.
We aim to promote independence wherever possible even if this means taking a little extra time.

Here’s what we include to make sure a person’s support plan is right for them.

1. They are always treated with dignity and respect?
2. That each member of staff know a person’s likes and dislikes, their favourite music, hobbies etc
3. We ensure that everyone’s opinion and personality is understood and taken into account?
4. To ensure that a person knows that they are valued as a human being, regardless of their age or how advanced their illness is.
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