Direct Payments

Direct payments are an essential feature of independent living. Direct Payments GIVES YOU the means to be able to actively engage in community life. Direct payments bring those who receive them a greater sense of well-being and self-determination.

What are direct payments?
Direct Payments is money YOU can receive from the Council to buy your day care, rather than having social care staff arrange them for you. Direct Payments allows you to be in charge of your own care or support arrangements. Direct Payments can especially give you independence and flexibility over who provides your care and how and when it is delivered.
Why choose to use Direct Payments?
Having the money to pay for your own care and support services means that it is your choice over who you want to provide your care and support services. Direct Payments puts you in control as long as your choices meet your needs and has the agreed outcomes as shown in your care and support plan. Direct Payments is not income or benefit money and therefore it will not affect any benefits you may already receive.
You can get help to manage your Direct Payments
There are companies that will administer your Direct Payments for you for a small charge.
Which providers can I use? Apart from certain restrictions, you can use Direct Payments to get help from wherever you want.
How to get a Direct Payments assessment?
You WILL need an assessment to see if Direct Payments can be offered to you as an option for OUR care services. If you are interested, please arrange to speak with your Social Worker or Care Manager. If you need more information about this, contact the Self Directed Support Team on 0191 427 1717 or email
What happens once I’ve been assessed?
Once you have been assessed, a Self Directed Support Assistant will visit you at home to provide more details and explain the scheme to you. If you decide to go ahead, the Self Directed Support Assistant will handle the process with you.

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If you would like to talk to us about Direct Payments we would be happy to come to see you. Call us on 0191 454 4659 or 07806526805