Dealing with Dementia

Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia are progressive illnesses. It’s understandable then that when a loved one receives a diagnosis, many families respond with an urgent wish to spend more time together. However, finding healthy activities that take into consideration a loved one’s changes in memory, thinking, mood, and behaviour requires some thought.

Keeping in mind that as Alzheimer’s symptoms progress, we want to tailor our activities to accommodate this change. For instance, for someone with Alzheimer’s, sensory activities such as describing a smell or petting a dog will be more appropriate
than a complex game.

At Ocean Choices we have created a series of activities which range from making a personal life book to recording memorable songs and pieces of music onto a personalised mp3 player. We encourage group activity
and participation but we also recognise that a person may want time and space to be quiet.

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