Ocean Choices is a company that is determined to change the perceptions some people have of adults with learning disabilities. We are committed to seeing the person rather than a disability. Our principal objectives are to overcome the personal, structural and attitudinal barriers that prevent everyone with a disability from participating in community life and we work to develop ways to make our community more inclusive.
We have contributed to this by hosting an annual art exhibition in the Customs House, South Shields, using the local media, newspapers and television to promote our achievements, and using local theatres to host our productions.

2002948298At Ocean Choices we consider the social model of disability and the way disability is organised within society. Barriers are not just physical. Attitudes found in society based on prejudice or stereotype also disable people from having equal opportunities to be part of society. We actively work to support each person to feel valued and an equal member of the community in which we all live.
“Ocean Choices art group should be proud of the amazing exhibition of their work, they are very talented” A. Hall, Wallace Lodge.